Wealth Summit’24



Some Reknowned Networks will be joining !!



What is Pror Wealth Summit’24?

PROR Wealth summit is all about breaking the path of traditional shows where the startup only has the opportunity to pitch the investor panel and get funds for them on the contradictory pror wealth summit is having a two way funding opportunity where the startup can also pitch to the general public watching them on abp news, After pitching themselves to a general public the interested Investors will be able to apply on our website to fund the potential interested startup and we will align the investment. As an addition we are having an export panel like charted accountants and investment bankers who will help the investor to take a good decision and manage up to precise calculations to calculate the Return on investment.

Who can apply to the show?

There are four types of people that can apply in the show.
1. Investors 
2. Startups 
3. Experts
4. Sponsors 

Where the show will be premiered?

The show is premiering on ABP News in the most prime time the highest amount of viewership is 70 million on the platform this viewership is helpful for each and every individual that is appearing in the show to enhance their personal branding and enrich their organic sales and traffic.

How many startups will be on the show?

As we believe in closing deals rather than creating traditional shows there will be only 25 startups in a maximum count that will be appearing on ABP News.

How many investors will be there?

We believe in having quality rather than quantity, serving the same opinion the show will have 10 investors on the main investor panel having a brilliant amount of ticket size also known as investment capacity to serve the startups for their growth

How many experts will be there?

 The show will be having total of 5 experts from different fields that will help the investor panel to create decisions in the most precise manner with the highest amount of return on investments possible.

How can we sponsor the event?

We are very happy to announce that we are having a good amount of queue going on to sponsor this event due to the innovative parts of the platform, to apply for sponsorship you need to go on to the sponsorship panel on the website and fill the form shown there.

Is there any elegibility to apply?

As such there is no eligibility to apply in the event for startups as we want to serve all the stages possible, For sponsors we are looking for branded companies, for experts we are looking for experienced profiles and for Investors we are looking for a person with good ticket size of investments.

How much worth of Investments are there in the show?

There will be a total of 150 cr of investments with the help of our esteemed investor panel, all the investments will be subject to approval as per the interested investors.

Is it free??

This event is being featured on ABP news hence it has Higher capacity than any other traditional show, all the media giants will be having a glimpse of the show. To provide all these amenities our company has to ask for monetary gains to provide this made-in-India platform for the general public. As a conclusion we have made this show paid, Charges are subjective for startups, investors, experts and sponsors.