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Unlock Capital. Ignite Growth. We Invest with Confidence.

Unleash Your Potential with the Pioneers of Funding. Experience our Unmatched Expertise, Extensive Network, and Proven Track Record in Empowering Startups to Achieve Unrivaled Success.


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Discover the Power of Pror India

Fueling Dreams, Igniting Success: Discover the Catalyst for Your Investment Journey with Unparalleled Expertise, Tailored Funding, and Proven Results.

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Extensive Network of Investors

  • Benefit from our vast community of 400+ active investors.
  • Gain access to diverse funding sources, industry expertise, and strategic partnerships.


+ $15 Million

Tailored Funding Solutions

  • Experience personalized funding solutions designed for your unique needs.
  • We combine debt and equity options for a customized approach.


Investor Profit


Proven Track Record

  • Trust our track record of funding 41 successful companies.
  • Join our portfolio of achieved milestones and startup success stories.

Key Features and Benefits for Your Investment Success

Global Reach and Network

Unlock global investment opportunities with our extensive international network, connecting you to influential investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders worldwide.

Flexible Investment Structures

Investments to your needs, offering customized solutions from seed funding to growth-stage capital for optimal business growth.

Value-Added Resources

Enhance success with mentorship programs, workshops, and networking events, providing valuable resources to expand knowledge and connections.

Market Insights and Research

Make informed decisions with market insights and research reports, staying ahead of trends, emerging markets, and disruptive technologies.

Personalized Investor Relations

Receive personalized attention and transparent updates, ensuring effective communication and dedicated support for your investment journey.

Post-Investment Support

Go beyond funding with strategic planning, operational optimization, and access to industry experts, supporting your business growth and success.

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In this considerable span of time Pror India has achieved a lot in terms of Networks, Revenue, Associations and team.

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  • Investor Network
  • Investment Bankers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Startup Network
  • Merchant Bankers
  • Market Experts


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PROR IN Pvt Ltd Sets Record for Fastest Equity-Based Funding, Assisting NICIA Food and Drinks Pvt Ltd in Securing INR 10 Crore within 3 Months




Pror In Pvt Ltd has been honoured as top 5 funding intermediaries in India.


Google News


The place where startups finds success and investments at minimal timings.


Jio News


I just by chance landed on one of their advertisement on Instagram, simply these people changed the way I personally thing about funding.


Yash Patel

Fintech Consultant

By far the most valuable business resource we have ever encountered with. Incredible work they helped me to get funded.


Nia Sharma


Hi myself Anuj, a new age entrepreneur, This company has help me to get funding from an investor and that means a lot to my business


Billal Ahmed